We have over 20 years’ experience in developing and implementing effective marketing strategies. The Communications Dept. will work with you to understand your business and develop a customised marketing strategy in line with your business goals.

Once the marketing foundations are in place, we can recommend the most effective mix of marketing activities to successfully drive your business forward in the direction that’s right for you. Whether you are a small/medium business, not for profit or government department or agency, we can help you meet your marketing challenges.


Sometimes it’s hard to know what assistance you need or where to start. To help, we’ve packaged our marketing services into a few offerings, based on the typical requests for assistance we receive. Contact us to discuss which package (even with some tweaking) might be right for you.

Marketing Strategy Review & Development

– Laying smart foundations

Over a 6 – 8 week period we’ll work with you to review your existing marketing strategies and understand your business objectives. We’ll develop a marketing strategy that is customised to your specific business requirements and budget, taking into account any resource constraints.

We’ll undertake interviews and/or conduct a strategic marketing workshop with the business leaders where we’ll define your target audiences, competitive advantage, value proposition and brand attributes. We’ll research and review current industry trends to identify new opportunities for growth.

As a result, you will receive a marketing strategy incorporating recommendations on how to maximise your marketing investment through targeted, high impact marketing programs, tailored to achieve your business objectives. You’ll also receive a 12 month marketing plan outlining recommended marketing activities.

We can also work with your in-house marketing staff to mentor them throughout the implementation of the agreed strategy.

Marketing Strategy Implementation

– Taking plans from concept to action.

Once you have your marketing strategy and plan in place, we can help you take it from concept to action.

We will project manage the implementation of the first 6 months of the marketing plan, with a focus on driving measurable results aligned with business objectives.

Make us Your Marketing Dept.

– Ongoing support

For organisations who don’t have in-house marketing staff, we can provide ongoing support by acting as your Marketing Dept. 1 – 3 days per week.

As your Marketing Dept. we will project manage the ongoing implementation, monitoring and reporting of your marketing plan, making adjustments and course corrections as required.

We provide a mix of office based and remote support.

Marketing Dept. On Call

– aka ‘I need help on a short term marketing project’.

Quite often our clients approach us for help to lead the coordination of a specific marketing project.

We are available to work with you on a short term assignment to project manage the inception or implementation of a specific marketing initiative, tool or activity. Be that a product launch, website development, getting started with social media, developing sales presentations, proposal writing, copywriting, brochure development, customer events or digital marketing … the list goes on!

We can also help with short term staff relief assignments.

Social Media Hot Desk

– We’ll manage it for you.

Rather than assign social media as an extra responsibility for one of your existing staff, we can take care of it for you.

For a weekly fee, we’ll work with you to define your social media strategy and then provide support for up to 2 platforms. Package includes schedule & content creation, 3x posts per week and response management. Minimum 6 month contract.

Our full range of marketing consultancy services include:

  • Strategy development – Brand Positioning; Value Proposition; Market Segmentation; Marketing Activities Recommendation; Annual Plan & Calendar; Brand Management
  • Facilitated strategic marketing workshops
  • Marketing plan implementation
  • Marketing mentoring – for those who have a junior resource employed in-house – meet regularly to review plans, set priorities, review budgets and so on.
  • Provision of marketing planning tools and templates
  • Promotion concepts and implementation
  • Market research project management

At The Communications Dept. we are delighted to live, work and play in regional Australia. Our team specialises in crafting marketing strategies that best support organisations in Albury, Wodonga, North East Victoria and Southern New South Wales.