What comes to mind when your customers or stakeholders think of your organisation or see your logo? What messages is your brand sending your customers?

Whether you are looking to modernise your brand or totally renew it, The Communications Dept. can work with you to determine your unique value proposition, brand attributes and desired reputation. We can then help ensure your brand is consistently reflected and reinforced across all of your marketing and/or communications materials.


Brand Strategy

– Defining your brand vision

Over a 4 week period we’ll work with you to define your brand vision, project manage the development of your brand identity and provide you with the tools to ensure it is consistently represented across all customer or stakeholder touchpoints.

We’ll undertake interviews and/or conduct a strategic brand workshop with internal staff, as well as gather insights from external stakeholders about their perceptions and expectations of your brand, to align internal objectives with customer/constituent expectations.

You’ll be provided with a documented Brand Strategy, which can be used to guide the development of marketing communications materials and/or be suitable to provide as a brief to your designer.

Creating Your Brand Identity

– Creating/refining your brand identity

Once you’ve created or refined your desired brand reputation, we can help you create a brand identity that appropriately reflects your brand personality.

We work with hand-picked local designers to refine or develop your brand identity (e.g. logo, colour palette, font style, and photographic direction) consistent with your brand personality.

We have experience in assisting organisations create or transition their corporate brand and can confidently manage the entire project on your behalf. This includes briefing the designer and then liaising with yourself and the designer to create a brand identity you are proud of and that effectively reflects what it is you ‘want to be famous for’.

Living the Brand

– Implementing your brand strategy.

Now that you have a beautiful new (or refreshed) logo, and have determined your brand personality, we can help ensure that it is effectively and consistently applied and communicated across all your marketing or communication materials.

We can also help with communicating and presenting the brand strategy to your staff. This is particularly important for customer facing staff, your most important brand ambassadors.